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Nutritional Counseling

The foods you eat can significantly impact your overall health and wellness, including chronic pain conditions. Ross Ali, DC, is an experienced chiropractor and nutritional counselor at his practice, Aloha Health Center in San Jose, California. Dr. Ali helps adults understand how the foods they eat affect their existing health conditions. Conversely, he helps them learn which foods can contribute to pain relief and improved overall health. To learn more about nutritional counseling and how you may benefit, request an appointment online, or call the friendly Aloha Health Center office staff.

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Nutritional Counseling Q & A

What is the goal of nutritional counseling?

At Aloha Health Center, the goal of nutritional counseling is to help you understand how eating healthier foods can affect conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other types of chronic pain. Dr. Ali guides men and women regarding how nutrition affects their bodies as a whole and how to cleanse their system for optimal health and wellness. Through nutritional counseling, you should develop a clear understanding of how you can benefit from the foods you eat.

Who can benefit from nutritional counseling?

If you want to improve your overall health and wellness and desire a better understanding of how food affects your whole system, you can benefit from nutritional counseling. Additionally, if you have leaky gut syndrome, learning which foods to avoid and which ones to eat can help reduce symptoms and inflammation.

What is leaky gut syndrome?

Your digestive system plays an important role in breaking down foods and allowing your body to absorb nutrients. The walls of your intestines act as barriers against harmful toxins and other substances so they can’t enter your bloodstream to be transported to your organs. However, when the small gaps in your intestine walls loosen, your gut becomes more permeable and can allow bacteria and toxins to pass through to the bloodstream.

This problem is known as leaky gut syndrome. When bacteria and toxins enter your bloodstream and travel to your organs, immune system, and joints, you can experience widespread inflammation. Symptoms of leaky gut syndrome often include:

  • Bloating
  • Food sensitivities
  • Fatigue
  • Digestive problems
  • Skin problems

Emerging evidence indicates that the typical American diet, which is low in fiber and high in sugars and saturated fats, can accelerate digestive problems and lead to leaky gut syndrome.

How does nutritional counseling help alleviate leaky gut as it relates to fibromyalgia and arthritis?

Inflammatory toxins that lead to leaky gut can cause widespread inflammation and make arthritis pain and fibromyalgia pain symptoms more severe and chronic. Dr. Ali tailors a nutritional plan based on your individual needs so you can clean out your digestive system and reduce the inflammatory effects of foods on your system as a whole.

For example, you may need to ingest fewer processed foods and less alcohol, and instead eat more whole foods that contain natural fiber. Dr. Ali helps you understand how the foods you eat are affecting your chronic conditions and supports you in your efforts to make simple changes in your nutritional choices. Small changes can have a big impact on your overall health.

To learn more, call the office or book an appointment online.

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